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Any and Every Sort of Analysis

In an order to know the world before

knowing oneself dilutes the self in no


-Divyansh Joshi

We the Analysists

Any and every sort of analysis.

This is a place where anyone can post any study related to any topic. Be it from the world of business or science, we love to get it covered. Even thoughts or poetry are also welcomed here. We believe that they are also formed by analyzing this world and are a great way to have a deeper insight of ourselves and our world. It’s a free place to share the knowledge and ideas, a place where people come to learn and to share what they have learned. It is a blog by the people and for the people.

Latest From the Blog

108 dried snails on Gautama Buddha’s head.

All of you must have known Gautam Buddha. Gautama Buddha is the one who started Buddhism. In today’s time, Buddhism is one of the oldest and most famous religions in the world. Today there are crores of followers of Buddhism who are engaged in propagating it. You will see thousands of millions of statues of…

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Work always comes above one’s pre-achieved abilities. Abilities are developed on the way through work, abilities eventually die or lack quality if not regularly polished. Always remember it’s the quality and type of work you do that makes you who you are cause the world is, anyway, full of useless geniuses.

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“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness” John Muhir • A Forest is a complex ecosystem consisting of trees and conserves the Earth in Many other forms of life. Do you know what is CANOPY? If you don’t know so read the following points – these are branches of tall trees and it…

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At some point in life, you discover that what are things that matter. You understand that the thing, which you gave your energy and made as your life’s priority wasn’t even necessary or worth it. This happens when you are so much hurt by your expectations. Then the clouds of illusion start getting cleared from…

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