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Any and Every Sort of Analysis

In an order to know the world before

knowing oneself dilutes the self in no


-Divyansh Joshi

We the Analysists

Any and every sort of analysis.

This is a place where anyone can post any study related to any topic. Be it from the world of business or science, we love to get it covered. Even thoughts or poetry are also welcomed here. We believe that they are also formed by analyzing this world and are a great way to have a deeper insight of ourselves and our world. It’s a free place to share the knowledge and ideas, a place where people come to learn and to share what they have learned. It is a blog by the people and for the people.

Latest From the Blog

Sound to spellbound

Earlier I didn’t believe in spells, thought they are mere myths of the past. As I like to observe people’s psychologies one day I questioned my former opinion and concluded that spells are true, they were just explained in such a fascinating way that it seemed that they are some creative creation of the imagination.…

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In someone’s life, change is bound to happen. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you believe. We all go through some sort of change. It’s surreal to imagine a life where nothing changes. Imagine if you woke up and did the same thing your entire life. Imagine how boring things would be. I…

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Earth’s Fifth Ocean

Earth has now officially got its fifth ocean. After the Pacific, Arctic, Indian and Atlantic ocean now we have the southern ocean in Antarctica as the fifth ocean. The National Geographic Society has officially confirmed the body of water surrounding the Antarctic as the Southern Ocean. The announcement was made on the world’s ocean day on…

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  1. well written …looking forward for such types of writeups.. keep going..best wishes

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